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The history of mineral water meadow Kvasova

The first study of mineral waters in the area meadows on the shores of the r. Velika Pynya from Solochin to v. holubyne (mineral water Luzhanska deposits under the present name«Luzhanska») were carried out by a doctor Bereg zhupy Sebeok in 1775.
Initially, mineral water exported. One of the sources of Polyana mineral water situates in  2 km from the center of Polyana on the left bank of the r.Velika Pynya on the banks of stream Girskiy, closed on all sides by forest, in the western foot of Zubok in the XVIII century brought a great glory to Polianska mineral water.
As you know, in Transcarpathia miniral water sources were called Burkut and mineral water was called kvass. Initially, the water from this source was exported in barrels, and already in 1840 it filled in bottles and exported to various countries of Europe under the name «Poljanskaya
In 1914, in an illustrated guide to resorts and spas balneotherapeutic Society of the Holy Crown of Hungary (compilers Dr. Vamosi Z., university professor, Dr. Lenkei V., Dr. Sulgof V.) so described Polyana source: «This first-class water, excellent table water, mixed with milk is an excellent way slime disolving. While this place is the only building for bottling and packaging of mineral water, although the source of superb location, excellent air, climate and closed on all sides by mountains area can be used as a resort. Source enclosed by cement building and operating perfectly. « 
„For healthy — a drink with great taste, good quenches thirst in a mixture of wine, cognac or citric acid“ (Advertisement, 1913).
Restoration Polyana bottling of mineral water called «Polyana Kvasova» started in 1946, already a well-eastern part of New Polyana field plots at the factory for bottling mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» (inplace of the former factory) and Svaliava mineral water plant. On the basis of mineral water meadow Kvasova from wells drilled on the western part of New-Polyana area deposits on the left bank of the V.Pynya near the stream Bezimeniy at the health resort in 1965 was opened Polyana resort «Sunny Transcarpathia» for 400 seats. These wells are used for bottling mineral water «Polyana Kvasova.»
Mineral water sold in Ukraine and exported to the CIS countries, USA and Canada.

Indications for use.
It is believed that sodium hydrocarbonate water has universal effects on the human body.
— First of all, as a multi-buffer system with close to neutral reaction, they oluzhnyuyut pH of the oral cavity, stomach, intestines. Yes, Glade Kvasova causes neutralize increased acidity of the stomach that oluzhnennya depth equal to the 1% solution of baking soda, but the neutral environment in the stomach maintained much longer than after receiving a solution of baking soda. This facilitates timely evacuation from the stomach, improving digestion in the oral 12-duodenum and intestine, and thus relieves heartburn, heaviness, swelling.
— Second, they, as a buffer solution, contributes to the sustainability of the acid-alkaline balance of the body, adjusting the pH of urine, biological fluids, and avoiding significant changes of blood pH. This is especially important in metabolic acidosis, such as diabetes, obesity, urinary diathesis. Oluzhnennya urine occurs on average at 10-12 day of water. This feature of the water used for dissolving urinary sand.
— Rozchynyuyut and thus contribute more easy evacuation of mucus from the stomach, respiratory and urinary tract.
— Adopted after eating at a height of digestion cause diuretic effect.
— Affect different kinds of exchange-fat, carbohydrate, mineral. Orthoboric acid mineral water provides some bactericidal properties.
Degree kyslotoneytralizuyuchoyi buffer of hydrocarbon and water depends on the total content of hydrocarbons. In the mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» he is one of the highest among the Transcarpathian mineral waters of this type.
With outstanding antacids and buffer properties of mineral water meadow Kvasova most effective in all diseases of the stomach with a high level of acidity, reflux esophagitis, concomitant changes in a hole and pankreatostazu and chronic pancreatitis, hepatose, hepatitis, diabetes.
Oluzhnyuyuchyy effect of water used for dissolving microlite in the urinary tract to reduce the number and duration of admission citrate (descending litoliz), and both before and after crushing stones(lithotripsy).
However prolonged use of mineral water is not recommended for violations of potassium — sodium exchange due to higher than optimal water content of table salt.
Can be used to relieve side effects of drugs that increase the acidity of the stomach.

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