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The history of mineral water Luzhanska

The first study of mineral waters in the area meadows on the shores of the r. Velika Pynya from Solochin to Holubyne (mineral water Luzhanska deposits under the present name«Luzhanska») were carried out by a doctor Bereg zhupy Sebeok in 1775.

Initially, mineral water exported as a great «borviz» (wine water) to dilute wine. Since 1872 pharmacist V. Pall began administered with curative mineral water to a «healing springs“ Margit», which has been owned by doctor L. Karlovsky and was named in honor of Margaret Karlovsky. At a distance of 100-120 m in the possession of Count Schönborn second source was located under the name «Erzsebet» of the same chemical composition (in 1879, studied chemistry teacher from Vienna Kletsinsky V.). 
 Mineral water from these sources filled and exported not only to different parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but also abroad. With their widely introduce numerous publications late XIX-early XX century, advertisements, illustrated guides (1913.1914 years). 
 Yes, mineral water, «Margaret», which is called the Hungarian zelterska water tested in the clinic of internal medicine Luminaries Hungarian professors Korany F. Keytly and K. They appreciated medicinal properties of «Margaret» in diseases of the digestive tract, biliary tract, especially in the upper respiratory tract diseases. In testimony were also included diabetes, kidney disease and bladder, lungs. 
For mineral water «Luhi Erzsebet» (literally translated Luzhanska Erzhybet) stated that it «has a specific effect in diseases of the stomach,» «indicated in diseases of stomach acidity, heartburn, belching, is successfully used in chronic catarrh of the nasopharynx, larynx, bronchi.  Administered to patients with hemoptysis, heart disease and asthma. Good acting in diseases of biliary tract. There is a great refreshment.» (Guide, 1914). 
Mineral water «Luga Erzhybet» is marked, Budapest 1842, Paris 1855, Vienna 1866, 1873, Budapest 1882, 1883, Kosice 1880, Vienna 1884, Budapest 1884, Sobrance 1881, Uzhgorod, 1883, Maramorosh-Sziget 1882, Budapest 1885, 1895, 1911. 
Diplomas: Vienna 1873, 1894, Budapest 1885, 1896 (Millennium), Chernivtsi 1886, Luhosh 1911 (Advertising, 1913). 
Mineral water bottling plant «Luga Erzhybet» survived until 1945 and was renamed the «meadows.» Since 1952, the plant bottled two mineral water — «Luzhanska-1» and «Luzhanska-2» from hole number 1 and RH-2-RP, located on the left bank of Pynya. 
Since 1972, began bottling water from the well number 3-RP and since 1988 — and St. №  4-PE on the right bank of the Pynya united under the name «Luzhanska.» In 1965, based on deposits at the resort Luzhanska Luga started functioning sanatorium «Kvitka polonyn» with 200 seats since 1980 — and sanatorium «Cryshtaleve dzherelo» with 150 seats. 
Mineral water sold in Ukraine and exported to the CIS countries, USA and Canada. 

Indications for use. 
Mineral water «Luzhanska» due to a sufficiently high total content of hydrocarbons primarily uses as a mild antacid — means that neutralizes the high acidity of the stomach and removes all related diarrhoeic phenomenon, heartburn, heaviness, swelling. The main effect of the counteraction comes quickly, almost immediately after taking water. Responsible for the content of hydrocarbons 0.5% solution of baking soda, mineral water «Luzhanska,» however, due to its buffer properties much longer maintains a neutral pH environment of the stomach and has no side-effects of soda. 
Changes in the alkaline pH side of the cavity 12 duodenal ulcer normalize the flow of bile and pancreatic secretions. 
At the same time as all the mineral water with salinity from 2 to 5 g / l, which is strongly hypotonic solutions, because their osmotic concentration of 2-2.5 times less than this in plasma and tissue fluids(isotonic relative to plasma blood is water with salinity of 8 to 13 g / l), mineral water «Luzhanska» has expressed holeretic and diuretic effect. It helps to rid the human body of toxins, toxins and urinary sand. 
The presence of biologically active concentrations of calcium, silicon, orthoboric acid, fluoride has a positive effect on metabolism. Thanks to the alcalining, holeretic, moderate holekinetic of mineral water«Luzhanska» intended for all diseases of the stomach, preferably with a high level of acidity, reflux esophagitis, concomitant changes in the form of secondary hole-and pankreatostazus, chronic pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus. 
Diuretic effect of water uses in the treatment of urinary tract diseases, chronic poisoning of different origin. 
Can be used to relieve side effects of drugs that increase gastric acidity. 

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