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Tours of the Transcarpathia "Synevir way"

One Day

Moving — Holubyne- Pylypets — Kelechyn — Synevir Pass — Lake Synevir- Tereblya Reservoir — Iza (center of wicker weaving) — Deer farm – Holubyne.

Relocation supplement: relaxing music of Hungarian and Austrian composers; slideshow with natural views of the Transcarpathia; guide stories about transcarpathian flora and fauna.

Pylypets — Waterfall «Shypit»

You will see one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Ukraine and saved part of the nature reserve of Shypit. At the entrance to the territory of the reserve you can buy themed souvenirs.

Kelechyn - Kelechyn mineral springs and mineral stream.

You ‘ll taste Kelechynska mineral water from natural sources.

Synevir Pass — helicopter platform.

You’ll find one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Carpathian Mountains, which will help you to make a commemorative picture.

Synevir lake — sea eye of the Transcarpathia.

Synevyr Lake — one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine, situated at an altitude of 989 m asl. It is considered one of the diamonds of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Tereblya Reservoir — Transcarpathian treat.

Enjoy a picnic on the shores of picturesque pond, created by man. Tereblya reservoir was filled during the construction of the Tereblay-river by Czechs HPS in 30 years of XX century. You’ll try real transcarpathian treat in the open country: potatoes, smoked bacon, roasted meats, vegetables, mulled wine and homemaid liqueurs.

Iza – the wicker weaving center.

In Iza, you can buy any souvenirs and products made from the wicker. The whole village engaged in wicker making. It is confirmed by the basket, painted on the emblem of the village.

Deer Farm.

Farm specializes in northern spotted deer growing for more than 20 years. The deer were brought from the Kaliningrad region in 1987. If you do not scare the animals with loud cries and jerky movements, you’ll easily feed and touch them. You’ll see local goats and sheep as a bonus.

Holubine — «Villa Kvitka»

Tour cost includes:

transport and excursions;

tickets for tours;

transcarpathian treat;

crackers for deer.

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