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Tours of the Transcarpathia "Lemko way"

One day.

Moving — Vojvodino — Lumshory — Zarichovo (Lemko Museum) — r.Uzh – Holubyne.

Relocation supplement: Lemko music, slide show about the history of the north-western Transcarpathia, the story of transcarpathian Lemko’s guide.

Vojvodino — Vojvodino waterfall.

Vojvodino is a waterfall on the same river in 12 km from the village. Turia Polyana Perechin district. The r.Vojvodino originates in the meadow Rooney (1497 m), flowing deep gorges and falls in the r.Shypit. Obviously, this waterfall was formed as a result of the earthquake, during which caused a split in rocks across a narrow deep valley, and two streams fall from the 9-meter high into a little lake.

Lumshory — Mineral vats.

Such treatment practice in Lumshory from the XVII century. You come to a wooden kolyba, only without the roof. In the middle, instead shynkvasu is an iron pot,  filled with mineral water. It is heated over on open fire. There are a few stones. You climb inside (sometimes it is fit for 4 or 5 people in homemade Jacuzzi) and nimble Lemko, who puts firewood under a vat, cooking you on low fire. When you feel the blood begins to boil (although in fact the water heats to no more than +45 ° C) – jump out! It is a cool mountain stream in a few steps. And summer and winter procedure is outdoors.

Zarichovo — house-museum «Lemko estate.»

Lemko estate — only one in Ukraine Ethnographic Lemko Museum. The age of this unique house is over 100 years. It miraculously survived the great flood of 70-ies. But it is here, as before. Peter Kovacs the owner of the house was a woodworker. All wooden things stored in the house were made it this own.

r.Uzh — Transcarpathian treat.

Enjoy a picnic on the shore of one of the most picturesque rivers. The streamhead of the r.Uzh takes place in Uzhansky National Park, which extends into four countries. You’ll try real transcarpathian treat in the open country: potatoes, smoked bacon, roasted meats, vegetables, mulled wine and homemade liqueurs.

Holubyne  «Villa Kvitka»

Tour cost includes:

Transport and excursions;

tickets for tours;

transcarpathian treat.

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