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Tours of the Transcarpathia "Berehovo way"

One day.

Moving — Mukachevo — Kosyno – Stariy pydval (Berehovo) — Borzhava — Ostrich Farm — Holubyne

Relocation supplement: national Hungarian music, slideshow about Hungarian history of the Transcarpathia, the story of the guide about Transcarpathian Hungarians.

Mukachevo — Honey House.

The family of beekeepers Peresta, who are the owners of the honey house acquaint visitors with the tools of beekeeping and tell how to produce honey and honey products. In addition to products and beekeeping tools collected in the museum «Bees» of different shapes and sizes. Also among the exhibits are unique wax candles and collection of honey from around the world. In the honey house, there are«real» exhibits — Carpathian bee live in glass box and dwelling  of the wax moth larvae. After seeing the museum, guests can taste four kinds of honey and three kinds of honey liquor and buy products that taste best.

Kosyno — Thermal Pool.

You are waited two swimming pools with thermal water, which are located in oak-forest. The temperature of the water in the first is 40 degrees and in the second 36. They treat the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, nervous system, cardiovascular disease. But in any case you can simply enjoy the natural warmth of geothermal water.

Berehovo – Stariy pydval.

«Stariy pydval» – is a small but very old basement.  Walls are covered with a thin layer of noble patina and dust of centuries, inspire respect and interest in their appearance. Cellar is located in the hill on which once held the northern borders of the Roman Empire and has solid age — more than 300 years. The acknowledged winemakers produce only dry wines from the historical zoned grape varieties from  Berehovo wine land in traditional technologies. The wine is kept in oak barrels.

Borzhava — Transcarpathian treat.

Enjoy a picnic on the shore of one of the most furious rivers. It constantly worried the locals by its spills in the spring. You’ll visit the beautiful old place near the Hungarian dam, where you’ll try real the transcarpathian treat in the open country:  potatoes, smoked bacon, roasted meat, vegetables, mulled wine and home maid liqueurs.



Ostrich Farm.

Here you can meet closer with these big birds. Especially children enjoy this tour.

Holubyne — «Villa Kvitka»

Tour cost includes:

Transport and excursions;

tickets for tours;

transcarpathian treat.

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