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Tours of the Transcarpathia "Castles of Transcarpathia"

One day.

Moving — Holubyne — san. Carpaty – Mukachevo- Seredne tower-donjon — Nevytsky Castle – Shore of the r. Uzh-Uzhgorod castle –Holubyne.

Relocation supplement: music of the Hungarian and Austrian composers; slideshow of the castles and fortifications in the Transcarpathia; guide stories about the military history of the Transcarpathia.

San.Karpaty, Beregvar of Shenborn family.

You’ll visit the hunting castle of the Shenborn family. Castle-palace  was built in the late XIX century. The astronomical year was taken as a foundation: number of windows — 365 — corresponding to the number of days in the year, 52 rooms — the number of weeks, 12 inputs — number of months. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful english park.

Mukachevo – Palanok castle.

This castle has the most outstanding military history in Transcarpathia. It was never taken in a fair fight. The first mention of it appeared in the XI century. And today's appearance is the same since the XVII century. Palanok is undoubtedly one of the most significant military-historical monuments in Ukraine.

Seredne- Seredne tower-donjon

The ruins of the most eastern fortress of the Knights Templar, who used it as a customs post. It was built in the XII century.

Nevytske — Nevytsky castle.

The castle was first mentioned at the beginning of the XIV century as a strong base of local feudal fronde against the royal authority of Charles Robert Anjou. In the XIV century castle passed into possession to the count family Drugets. They rebuilt wooden castle to the stone one. During the religious wars Transylvanian Prince György Rákóczi II destroyed the castle in 1644. Nevytsky is considered as the most romantic castle in the Carpathian region, because of a big amount of legends.

Uzh shore — transcarpathian treat.

Enjoy a picnic on the shore of one of the largest rivers. The streamhead of the river takes place in the Uzhanskiy pass and it is the river of the Danube basin. You’ll  try real transcarpathian treat in open country: potatoes, smoked bacon, roasted meats, vegetables, mulled wine and homemaid liqueurs.

Uzhhorod — Uzhgorod Castle.

The first mention of the castle was in the IX century as a settlement of the Slavic Prince Laborets. The fortress has a complex and rich history of struggle between lords and peasants, ethnic fighting between the Austrians and Hungarians, the religious struggle between Catholics and reformers. Uzhgorod Castle will delight you with its collection of weapons.

Uzhgorod — Cafe Medelin.

Here you can taste and buy the best coffee in the region.

Holubyne - «Villa Kvitka»

Tour cost includes:

Transport and excursions;

tickets for tours;

transcarpathian treat;

coffee in sytsiliysky.

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