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For Children


The most valuable and the most important in the life of every parent are their children.

We give our children the best, the most interesting and the most useful.

It is not easy to find the places where you can rest well with your children.

Villa «Kvitka» offers you active, informative, funny and development programs for boys and girls.



Programs are held during the autumn, winter and spring school holidays.

The children are engaged in professional animators.

There are not only an entertainment games but are creative classes, expanding horizons of thinking of the child.

Tours, hiking, walking.


«Happy Days»

Designed with animators classes are held every day.

Many organized outdoor games.

Children's Playground.

Board games, team games.



Exciting tours of castles, dungeons, catacombs, tops.


«Strong Family»

Thought out and organized games for children and parents.

Family hiking trails and picnic tables.

Отдыхай дольше - плати меньше Нашим постоянным Гостям и их друзьям Подари отдых!