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We offer hiking trails of varying difficulty and length.

Climbing on the mountain Rozhok, which is the closest mountain to the club-hotel Villa- Kvitka. Height cone is 900 m above sea level. This is a great opportunity to try to force newcomers to enter into and form for experienced trackers. The route is 6 km, while climbing you can enjoy views of the village Polyana. On the top you will have a transcarpathian treat.

Services are included conductor and transcarpathian treat.

Climbing Mount Pikuy — mountain located on the border of the Transcarpathian and Lviv regions. Its height is 1408 meters above sea level Top decorated with beautiful cliffs and steep precipices. From the northwest to the top of Bukovets it joins to the valleys. From the peak you can see the pass «Ruska way» — a trade route from the Neolithic era, that’s mean it existed for two thousand years before Christ. Started in the Balkans, ran along the Danube, Tisa rose further along in the mountains. This pass is still cross with the inscription Way. And along the spine until recently rose border posts there was a limit between the former Poland and Hungary.
At the top you will have transcarpathian treat and a glass of mulled wine.

The price includes transfers, guide services and transcarpathian treat.

Climbing up the mountain Rivna — meadow Runa is the largest mountain valley all the Carpathians. It is a huge amount plateau area of ​​1100 hectares. It lies between the rivers Latoritsa and Uzh(Danube basin). Stretches in the northwestern part of mountains meadow is nearly 15 km. The highest point is a mount Rivna — 1482 m. It consists of sandstone. Gentle slopes covered with bushes of blueberries, cranberries, lichens and stunted pine. With a height of 1200-1250 m starting bilousnykovi fields used for pasture. At the top you will find remains of former military object — radar station remote monitoring. There is also a memorable stele In honor of members of the partisan movement during World War II. On the array is a reserve of national importance named Sokolov Rocks. It is a protected area of ​​beech forest, which is a place of settlement of many species of birds. Here are found predatory birds, which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine: the golden eagle, eagle owl, peregrine falcon, eagle, eagle-tailed dwarf, sychyk-colored and others.
At the top you will have a transcarpathian treat and a glass of mulled wine.

The price includes transfers, guide services and transcarpathian treat.

Climbing up the mountain Borzhava — plains Borzhava — Mountain range at Poloninska spine in the Ukrainian Carpathians, between the rivers Latoritsa and Rika and within the Transcarpathian region. Length is 50 km, width 3-4 km (sometimes up to 10 km) altitude to 1681 m (m. Stiy). The surface is aligned with individual cone-shaped peaks. Borzhava is the longest mountain valleys of Transcarpathia. South slope of the meadows are sloping stops in Valley Rypynky. Borzhava meadows adjacents to the Cook meadow, which is often viewed as an extension Borzhava. Borzhava also includes the spine Paleniy Grun.
During the ascent you will cross two peaks:
Stiy Mountain — the highest peak of the array Borzhava meadow (height 1681 m) western slopes — steep in the lower part covered with beech virgin forests with rare trees and spruce fir, forest above the band — significant areas bilberry. Southern and eastern slopes covered with grassland areas — meadows. On the western slopes is the reserve of national importance — Rosishniy. On the northern side of the mountain is a cauldron of glacial origin.
Mountain Velikiy Verh — 1598 m.n.r.m, the second-tallest peak of Borzhava. It is seen from the peak the entire spine Polonyna Borzhava meadow, which is folded from the southeast to the northeast. In the north and northeast of the village are the top Guklyvy and Podobovets. On the top of Velikiy verh is set a point  of  trigonometric geodetic network.
On Velikiy Verh you will have a transcarpathian treat and a glass of mulled wine.

The price includes transfers, guide services and transcarpathian treat.

Climbing Hoverla — the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians and the highest point of Ukraine, 2061 m. Located in Rakhiv district on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions on Chornohora. Hoverla is one of the symbols of Ukraine. Climb on the mountain — it means to be taken in a special club of the conquerors of the highest point of Ukraine.
Climbing will take place in two stages:
— Rise from the village of Ust-Hoverla jumper between Petros and Hoverla. The overnight in tents or in the mountain refuge.
— Rise directly on Hoverla, return the jumper and the descent to s.Ust-Hoverla.
During the climb the road will lie in the Carpathian National Park, among the beech forests of the reserve area of ​​ Chornohora. It is the only one region of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is well defined and alpine vegetation belt. In general there allocated four plant zones: the lower mountain forest or beech forest zone (from 500-600 to 1200-1300 m above sea level.) Top mountain spruce forests (from 1200-1300 to 1500 m); alpine (from 1800-1850 to 2058 m).
The price includes transfers, services of guides, use of camping equipment and meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch).

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