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Carpathians — the best place in order to try their hand at extreme entertainment. Along the way you can feel the rush of adrenalin, admire beech virgin forests and mountain rivers, and on the tops of mountains — capture in his memory on the camera most picturesque landscapes of the Carpathians.

We offer three options of routes to double Bombardier quad Bombardier 750 and 850 under the guidance of an experienced instructor:

1. Beginner — The route is 12 km, duration 1 hour. When you travel you learn the basic skills of management and quad admire panoramas Polyana village.
The cost of the route is 300 UAH for quad.
2. Intermediate — the length of the route is 23 km, duration 2 hours. During the trip you climb the mountain Rozhok (900 m asl) from where is a magnificent view of Borzhavskie mountain valley and Runu Dividing Range. Also you will try a quad in the management of water while riding on Pinya riverbed.
The cost of the route is 600 UAH for quad.
3. Advanced — The route is 32 km, duration 3 hours. During the trip you will climb the mountain Vizhen (1000 m asl). It is the most difficult route, which requires the special training. During the route you will force the river bed and pass known among jeepers and quaders by route of increased complexity.
The cost of the route is 900 UAH per quad.
The price includes helmets and capes equipment (if necessary).

At your choice we can offer more complex and longer routes on different topics.

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