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Horse tourism

It is impossible to imagine without the Carpathians without the natives — carpathian breed of horses Hutsulyk. So we offer you to meet with them closer during horse walks on the mountains.
You can choose different routes from 1 hour to all day. Depending on your preparation and willingness the specialists develop the individual route.

Hutsul horse, or sometimes Hutsulyk or Gutsul –is a native rock domesticated horses, who spread in the Carpathian Mountains and in many countries of Eastern Europe, one of the world's gene pool. In 1979 Hutsul horses received the status of relict species and were taken under protection.
Obviously, the name of the breed comes from the name «Hucul» — subethnos Ukrainian living in the mountainous regions of Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions and in the Transcarpathian region. It is a small horse (height at withers 125 — 144 cm) rock type. Once it has been improved by Haflin and Arab stallions, so the height of the horses of this breed good and suit different. Hutsul horses are calm temper and behavior, a high-speed, so well exposed for riding.
The first written mention of Huzul horse dates back to the beginning of the XVII century (1603). The work Dorohostayskoho «Hippika» ( «Horse») wrote about it: «calm, but beats hurt.» Many scientists believe that Hutsul horse is a direct descendant of tarpan-forest and steppe wild horse dun suit (color), which long remained in southern Russia and is now completely destroyed.
But those who most influenced on the formation of a species is an Arab horse, who was in the Carpathians during the Turkish wars. Blood Arabian horses stipulated appearance «Hutsulyk», which is characterized overall dryness of design, strength of limbs, head of nobility, high tail setting.
Hutsul horses bred in the harsh conditions and unpretentious Bukovina Carpathians «Hutsuls» originally had all the characteristics of wild horses. Hundreds of them bred in the mountains in very harsh environmental conditions. Isolated from other species evolved to persistent and strong horses.
In Eastern Europe Hutsul breed used for equestrian sports, agriculture and mass tourism, hipoterapiyi.
To promote Hutsul breed was created «coupling item» horses Bushtyno that covering Tyachiv and Khust district, Transcarpathian region.
Currently Ukraine cart horse breeding mainly consists of Novooleksandrivs cart breed of horse and Ukrainian Hutsul that all together is a national treasure and the «golden fund» of Ukrainian horse breeding. 

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