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Leonid 04.01-11.01


This love is forever!

Victor 07.06-09.06


we liked everything

Maria Andreevna 07.06.-09.06


The restaurant,waiters-excellent. Ivan Bilas is the best. 
Children's room for little from 1 year. All super, fine, thank you. Everything is fine.

Olga 03.06-17.06.14


We should to Solve the problem of closing the doors in the rooms! Impossible to sleep, too much heard as the door opens in the neighbouring rooms.
Parking lot- it would be nice to do the canopy. Everything is fine, maids well.

Vitaliy 16.06-21.06


Every day i think where to throw garbage on the street, already have dumped there. Wonderfool atmosphere for leisure, the attentive approach in all directions. Thank you for you have towels everywhere. All is fine.

Miroslava 21.06-27.06


More varied music in the lobby and on the area. Everything else is just fine, we want to return.
All is exellent. Administrators are friendly, always are ready to help.
Kitchen is super, especially baking. Waiters were very friendly and pleasant.

Anatoly 07.06-09.06


Please, remove the rubber in the playground, which heated in the sun and cover them by sand.
Managing administrators are well.

Andrey 07.06-15.06


All is excellent! We wish prosperity and success. Stay are as you are.

Wonderful place


We like at all! Thanks, Villa Kvitka!

Nina 8.06-17.06


All is at a high level, sincere and friendly staff. Everything is fine, maids-well (cleaning in rooms is not very good).

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